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Help and Hope for Mothers of Addicts

We often hear people say that “they love their kids to death.”  The truth is that we want to love them to life, not to death.  Our country has an epidemic of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Our children are destroying their lives every day.  What can we do about it?

One of the worst feelings in the world for a mom is to find out that their son or daughter has become addicted to something that threatens to destroy their life.  I know that pain.  Two of my five children  made the decision to use drugs and/or alcohol and became addicted.  One has spent time in jail on 2 occasions.  Although they are doing well at this moment, I understand that each of them has the possibility of dying if they should chose to use again. I pray for them to find their peace in God and not in substances.

We are here to support, encourage, exhort, and cry with you.  We understand the kind of pain you are going through and do not want you to feel alone.  We also want to introduce you to our best friend, Jesus, if you don’t know Him already.  He is the reason we can get up in the morning and face the uncertainty.  He loves you and He loves your kids.

We pray that this site will provide information and support for those of you whose hearts are aching as you watch  your children struggle with addiction. We know that pain.  We are right there with you.


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