This is a poem written by Dr. Charles Solomon, founder of Grace Fellowship International.


(based on Luke 15:11-32)

The prodigal son was willful,
Determined to do his own thing;
The father allowed his rebellion,
Shame on His name to bring.

The father did not deter him
From taking a destructive road;
Neither did He pursue him,
Though he was carrying a heavy load.

He gave him his inheritance
Though squander it he would;
The Father’s heart knew that
It was for his ultimate good!

He had to lose his dependence
On all that he possessed;
When it was all exhausted,
His plight could be assessed!

The Father paid no visit
To him in his new digs,
But allowed him to profit
While feeding dirty pigs!

When he came to himself
And had no place to turn,
There was a valuable lesson
That he was bound to learn!

He made a key decision,
The best since he left home!
He must return to his Father;
No longer would he roam!

The Father’s outstretched arms
Waited to embrace him,
With full restoration as a son
Though his hopes had been most dim!

Rejoicing was the order of the day,
With everyone at home invited;
While he was in the far country,
The Father’s love was unrequited!

The elder brother was not so glad
Since his flesh was unforgiving!
His true colors began to show,
Though he was with the father living.

The father ignored his rebellion
And received the younger safe and sound;
With his return so long awaited
There were bounteous blessings all around!

His son had been as dead,
But now had returned to life;
He was restored to his Father’s bosom,
With peace to replace his strife!

CRS 11-26-13

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